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    The early trials provided independent proof that the prototype vortex light traps reduced the density of Helicoverpa moths to the extent that cotton and chickpea crops were protected from depredations by larval progeny. We believe similar results from Fall Armyworms too The significance of the large catches of cockchafers (scarabaeid beetles) and grass-hoppers/crickets, is worth following up. Cockchafers are crepuscular, so that operating the Vortex light Trap before the sun is fully set may give a disproportionately large catch. Catches of true bugs were not high but this is probably a function of their density. They are of economic significance at low densities, so even though it is helpful to know that they are active, it would be even better to find a way of maximizing their interception (by manipulating the time of catch or the wavelength of the light)

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