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    Display nameAhmad Mahdavi
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    Last nameMahdavi
    OrganisationUniversity of Tehran/ and Sustainable agriculture and environment
    Area of ResearchEnvironmentally Safe Pesticides and Pesticide Risk Management
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    Helping people, environment, and wildlife against toxic pollution nationally, regionally, and globally. A pioneer of ecotoxicology in Guelph, Ont., UC Berkeley (2000) and later in Iran, wide study about the misuse of pesticides in environment, wildlife, health effects on humans. Established NGO: Sustainable agriculture & environment 2002 Iran, later in Ontario in a global level. Member of CMS preventing poisoning working group, Iranian Soc. of Toxicology, Entomological Soc. of America, SCP clearinghouse, working on pesticide/ chemicals/ biocides regulations for developing countries concentration on MENA/ NENA, neem tree, Azadirachta indica in the Persian Gulf, resilience issues for how to survive planet for the rest of 21st century. Involved in the circular economy by personal life and in practice, 3R

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