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    Display namejam Ahmad
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    Last nameAhmad
    OrganisationUniversity of Agriculture Faisalabad
    Area of ResearchBiology, Monitoring, Surveillance and Scouting; Host Plant Resistance; Biological Control; Environmentally Safe Pesticides and Pesticide Risk Management
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    Molecular Plant-Pathogen Insect Interaction; Molecular study of Host-Plant Resistance/Defense Pathways; Genes expression Regulations; Gene Silencing through RNAi; Epi-genetics; DNA methylation; Cellular Lipids-Proteins Interaction and Transportation; Recombinant Protein Production, Purification and Expression; Isolation and characterization of Virulent/Resistant Genes/Proteins; Molecular Detection, Identification and Classification of Microbes and Insects;. Development of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs); Development of disease and insect pest Resistant Crops; Development and Production of Bio-pesticides; Integrated Management of Insects and Pathogens; Application of Insect Biotechnology /Microbiology in Agriculture, Human health and Industry; Bio-fuel Production from Insects and Micro-organism; Microbial Production of Biologically Active Compounds and Application of Nanotechnology in Biology

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