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    Nigeria is one of those countries with very little data on approved biological products for the management and control of FAW in Africa. Therefore, my research primarily focuses on the use of plant extracts (botanicals) to control the invasive Spodoptera frugiperda (FAW) at larva stage. The research will explore the environmental sustainability and efficacy of a variety of biopesticides derived from plant extracts to manage FAW in Nigeria. I hope that this research would discover new active ingredients that can potentially get rid of the pest. As such, the research should be of interest to a broad readership including those interested in ecotoxicology, ecology restoration, agro-ecology, and environmental toxicology. Also, students, agric extension workers, and industry professionals will find it beneficial as we seek to end the use of chemical pesticides in the management and control of FAW while at the same time ensure food security. I, therefore, hope that result of this research would update the available record on the number of approved biological products for FAW control in Africa.

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