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    We assessed the economic, food security, and health costs of FAW in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda. We also demonstrated the impact of control measures, including push-pull technology, on mitigating the effect of FAW. FAW increases the intensity of chemical use, but chemicals do not reduce the economic burden of FAW, particularly when it is used alone (doi:10.1093/erae/jbz048). However, push-pull technology can reduce the yield loss due to FAW by 28-33%. In the short-run, the economic and food security costs are high at the national level, but it is low at the household level. FAW did not significantly affect per capita maize consumption in Ethiopia, although it reduces farmers' market participation by reducing the volume of maize sales (doi:10.1093/erae/jbz048). Our unpublished national-level study in Ethiopia also shows maize production loss per year per affected farmers is low, which is 60 kg.

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