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    Display nameRick Overson
    First nameRick
    Last nameOverson
    RoleResearch Manager
    CountryUnited States (US)
    OrganisationGlobal Locust Initiative‚ÄĒArizona State University
    Area of ResearchBiology, Monitoring, Surveillance and Scouting; Biological Control; Environmentally Safe Pesticides and Pesticide Risk Management; Socio-economics and Impact Assessment
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    As Co-director of the Global Locust Initiative, I coordinate broadly with global stakeholders to more sustainably manage grasshopper and locust outbreaks which have negative impacts on human livelihoods worldwide. I am involved in several ongoing efforts to increase stakeholder representation in this space, foster increased transparency and information sharing, as well as develop community-built resources for locust management. My research seeks to understand the mechanisms which produce and maintain variation both within and between species and how this variation ultimately affects the evolution of natural populations. I am particularly interested in variation in insect phenotypes as they relate to plant-insect interactions. I use approaches in behavioral ecology, population genetics, and phylogenetics to understand how traits surrounding these interactions are partitioned in space and time, and how this mosaic of variation affects speciation and ultimately biodiversity.

    ORCID iD0000-0003-3728-6260
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