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    Display nameI Wayan Supartha
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    Last nameSupartha
    RoleResearch Manager
    OrganisationUdayana University
    Area of ResearchBiology, Monitoring, Surveillance and Scouting; Host Plant Resistance; Biological Control; Cultural Control and Agro-ecology Management; Environmentally Safe Pesticides and Pesticide Risk Management; Socio-economics and Impact Assessment
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    Currently, research that has been carried out and is being carried out on a lab and field scale in our lab includes spatial distribution maps, structural analysis of the Spodoptera frugiperda gene, geographical distribution of parasitoids associated with FAW in maize in Eastern and Central Indonesia. The research included the destructive ability of FAW pests on several host plant species from the Graminae family. Current ongoing research is on the geographic distribution of egg parasitoids and larval parasitoids of S. frugiperda on maize in Central Indonesia, while laboratory research is focused on molecular studies of changes in the gene structure of S. frugiperda exposed to insecticides in the field and given resistant populations. treatment of 3 types of insecticidal active ingredients that were found to be generally applied by farmers in the field.

    ORCID iD0000-0003-3895-0899
    Google Scholar Linkhttps://scholar.google.co.id/citations?user=kTkeV-AAAAAJ&hl=en
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