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1. Is it possible to estimate national yield loss caused by FAW by agroecological zones in regions where maize regional statistics are not available? 2. In open field screening of genotypes , is it accurate to state that yield loss was only caused by FAW? 3. How can i calculate the economic injury level and action threshold caused by FAW?

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Geoffrey Anyanda
Geoffrey Anyanda (@geoffrey-nyapom)
1 month ago

Hello  Berice Imbayi thank you for your question. Yes its possible to estimate yield loss caused by FAW in regions where regional statistics are unavailable . See this paper https://www.researchgate.net/publication/338500902_Spread_and_impact_of_fall_armyworm_Spodoptera_frugiperda_JE_Smith_in_maize_production_areas_of_Kenya. In open field screening its not easy to have good control plots since pest occurrences are infrequent. Its would be advisable to collect all pests during harvesting and calculate the population density of each the pests. The population density would clearly show which pest had an impact on the yield. When choosing site location, FAW hotspots would be recommended. The action threshold level can be calculated by fitting regression equation… Read more »