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Biological Control with Trichogramma in China: History, Present Status and Perspectives

Trichogramma species make up one of the most commonly used groups of natural enemies for biological control programs worldwide, and have been the best natural enemies suitable for mass production with low cost. Since the 1960s, improved mass production of Trichogramma and better augmentative release methods to suppress agricultural pests have been achieved. We review the history of research and development; current knowledge on biodiversity and bio-ecology of the species used; and achievements in mass-rearing methods, release strategies, and current large-scale applications in China. Numerous reports indicate that many Trichogramma species such as T. pretiosum, T. chilonis and T. dendrolimi show biological control potential on FAW eggs, particularly for those without covering scales. Based on the updated achievements of Trichogramma mass production in China reported in the review paper, we  will promote the production of these Trichogramma species against FAW, hopefully the parasitoids with augmentative release will play a role on suppressing the pest in future, especially for these countries of One belt and One road. Note: The review paper see attached file.

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Corin Pratt
Corin Pratt (@cfp)
2 years ago

Congratulations on your review paper. These augmentative methods could prove very valuable for China and other countries affected by FAW. It would be great if you could add to the natural enemies table the various Trichogramma species if and when they are confirmed to attack FAW in China, perhaps some of those species (Trichogramma dendrolimi,T. ostriniae, T. leucaniae) reported in your other recent paper. Here is the natural enemies page – https://faw.researchcollaborationportal.org/natural-enemies/

Many thanks for your contributions!