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CABI signs a Partnership Agreement with Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute

The purpose of this partnership statement is to facilitate collaboration in promoting sustainable agricultural practices that enhance productivity, improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers and protect biodiversity. Through this specific partnership agreement, BARI will achieve the following deliverables in a time-bound manner:


  • Field survey, collection and identification of native bio-control agents
  • Field and lab evaluations; Development of strategies for augmentative biological control using locally occurring natural enemies that can be easily mass reared, particularly by rural communities. Part of the technical team for GOB funded Area wide management for FAW using biocontrol agents.
  • Regional exchange of scientists from India to Bangladesh and vice versa for the evaluation of native natural enemy and evaluating potential of establishment of Telenomus remus and Trichogramma pretiosum as potential bio-control agents (BCA) for the effective management of Fall armyworm (FAW) in Bangladesh
  • To represent and support CABI objectives and present in National Task Force for Fall armyworm.
  • To provide feedback support on the DAE/ Plantwise Plant doctors to help and deliver a high quality and sustainable service to farmers.
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Claire Curry
Claire Curry (@clairecurry)
3 years ago

Thanks Malvika! Good to hear of this collaboration and information sharing on FAW between India and Bangladesh.