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Have any researcher encountered any of these FAW predators? and are there any research ongoing on their effectineness.

The first report on FAW natural enemies scouting found and reported on some rhynocoris sp. belonging to the family Reduviidae in 2018 (Action on invasives). Further scouting in 2020 by Mr. Samuel A. Mensah, Patrick Beseh, and Dr. L.K Abgoyi observed the predators are wide spread in Ghana, West Africa with some new species observed. It is therefore important to know how wide these predators are spread to help keep or update the Natural enemies records with their distribution. The level of their distribution can help develop strategies that can 

  1. protect or use good farming practices that help conserve and increase their population
  2. educate farmers on their importance.
  3. have scientific information on their effectiveness in controlling FAW, so the said group or species could be included in a biological control program.
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Geoffrey Anyanda
Geoffrey Anyanda (@geoffrey-nyapom)
2 years ago

This is very impressive work. Were the two studies done in the same locations in Ghana?