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I am looking for results about pheromones for FAW control in corn thank you

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Robert Meagher
Robert Meagher (@rob-meagherusda-gov)
2 years ago

Dear Jorgelina, Sorry about the delay in responding. Pheromone-baited traps are very successful in monitoring FAW populations and following population movement. Traps can be very sensitive to low populations, but only under specific conditions can be correlated to larval populations in the crops. For control of FAW populations, I can think of two approaches. When synthetic versions of pheromone were first being developed in the 1970s, one of the hopes was that by mass trapping of males, populations could be reduced. However unlike other pest insects like Diptera, female FAW mate multiple times and it only takes one mating to… Read more »

Ivan Rwomushana
Ivan Rwomushana (@rwomivan)
Reply to  Robert Meagher
2 years ago

About mating disruption, Provivi has gotten regulatory approval in Mexico of its Pherogen mating disruption dispenser for the control of fall armyworm. The company appears to have tested the product during the last 3 years with more than 150 farmers in Mexico. Similar registration trials have been undertaken in Kenya, although regulatory approval is not yet received. I have seen your email and can link you up with their Director for Corn Development in Kenya for further information on the Kenya results.