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Open call for FAW experts to validate our phone based AI Detection

We have built and tested AI engines for detecting FAW (L1 to L6). We are now running global tests, to validate the high accurces we are getting. App and phone attachment will be provided for selected validators.


If you are interested pls register here : https://www.gomicro.co/faw-detection-evaluation/

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Aislinn Pearson
Aislinn Pearson (@aislinnpearson)
1 year ago

Hi Sivam,

I can’t help you validate the app I’m afraid as I don’t have a culture of fall armyworm at the moment, and thankfully the UK is the one place the FAW hasn’t yet reached. However, perhaps  Subramanian Sevgan and  Robert Meagher might be able to help you find people who do have cultures to photograph.

I believe you have also been in touch with James Bell about using some of the photographs we have from the Smart Armyworm project, which we will of course send to you with pleasure.

Robert Meagher
Robert Meagher (@rob-meagherusda-gov)
Reply to  Aislinn Pearson
1 year ago

Hi Sivam,

Thank you Aislinn for the referral. Yes, I have a colony of FAW and I could provide pictures if you want. Email me at rob.meagher@usda.gov to let me know how to proceed.

Geoffrey Anyanda
Geoffrey Anyanda (@geoffrey-nyapom)
Reply to  Aislinn Pearson
1 year ago

Hi Sivam
I believe  Calatayud Paul-Andre  Bonoukpoè Mawuko Sokame  Ovide Nuambote  Sharanabasappa Deshmukh might help in validating the app.

Samuel Mensah
Samuel Mensah (@samuel-adjei-mensah)
1 year ago

This is interesting and I will love to test this app. Currently at the Plant Protection And Regulatory Services Directorate, Ghana lab.
Have FAW and other non FAW larvae. samuelmensah1a@gmail.com

Odair Fernandes
Odair Fernandes (@odair-fernandesunesp-br)
1 year ago

Dear Sivam,

I work with FAW for many years and would like very much to collaborate. I run a lab where we rear FAW as well as we usually have trials in the field in Brazil. Therefore, we may be able to help you out by using the app on lab and field populations, if you will.

Ekenwosu Joseph Ugochukwu
Ekenwosu Joseph Ugochukwu (@josephekenwosugmail-com)
Reply to  Odair Fernandes
1 year ago

Please can you enlighten me on the procedures in rearing FAW in the lab? Thanks.