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Regional Training Workshop for Farmer Field School facilitators on sustainable management of Fall Armyworm: IPM, Biocontrol and Farmer Field Schools

Dear All

FAO supports several TCPs at country and regional level in the Asian countries to support sustainable management. One important component of FAO’s strategy is the training of farmers on FAW IPM using Farmer Field School approaches for small country teams of Asian countries that face the FAW problem

The regional training aims to:
• Improve knowledge and skills on Integrated Pest Management for Fall Armyworm;
• Improve knowledge and skills on biocontrol options for FAW;
• Get familiar with FAW monitoring tools and protocols, including FAMEWS;
• Fine-tune the Farmer Field School curricula by integrating FAW IPM and biocontrol,
including agroecological approaches;
• Develop and share national action plans for fortifying refresher training of trainer, farmers
field schools and other short hands-on learning courses on FAW.

I am pleased to be presenting CABI Initiatives in the region in Summary of the Grow Asia/CABI Webinar series on FAW biological control

Those interested can contact info@thaied.org in order to get registration as organisers have  set priorities for these regions as indicated in the banner (attached).

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Jihad Haddadin
Jihad Haddadin (@jihadipmyahoo-com)
2 years ago

Thanks for this excellent training course which have a great impact on controlling FAW in all counties which severing from this pest, and it is a outstanding opportunity for all participants to update their knowledge and experiences and built fruitful cooperation between countries.