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Regular crushing of egg masses and larval population of #fallarmyworm in maize field are useful for smallholding farmers?

Cultural method of pest management integrates a number of local and agro-ecological practices to reduce the pest populations. Manual destruction of egg masses and larval population, fertilizers and irrigation management to make a healthy plant, field sanitation, use of resistant varieties, adjustment in planting time etc. are some examples of cultural practices. In case of #fallarmyworm management, regular maize field visit and encouraging farmers to crush the egg masses as well as handpicking of different stages of the larva is the first step of FAW management in smallholding farmers. However, this method will not be feasible and practical in a large commercial field since it needs a large number of human labour. Hence, egg crushing and caterpillars picking should only be promoted as a last resort in the event of  FAW outbreak. Please share your ideas and experiences that are using in your locality and community and how effective are these practices? 

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Sharanabasappa Deshmukh
Sharanabasappa Deshmukh (@sharanu-deshmukhgmail-com)
2 years ago

As far as my experience is considered, when the crop is about 15 to 30 days old, we find overlapping generations, there the removal of egg masses and immediately emerged larvae would be very easy to crush and also effective cultural method to manage the pest. Once the bigger larvae enters into the whorl, its very difficult to remove. The studies on wider spacing, application of fertilizers and irrigation need to be studied to draw the conclusion.