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Trichogramma dendrolimi suitable for mass production with the large eggs of Chinese oak silkworm exhibits better biocontrol potential on FAW eggs than other local species in China

Fall armyworm Spodoptera frugiperda ( Smith) is a new invasive pest causing serious damages in China. Among egg parasitoids,Trichogramma are the dominant biological control agents that has been applied to control lepidopteran pests of crops,vegetables and forests worldwide. To evaluate the possibility and efficiency of local Trichogramma species of northeastern China on S. frugiperda eggs,we compared parasitism capabilities of Trichogramma dendrolimi Matsumura,T. ostriniae Pang & Chen,T. leucaniae Pang & Chen,and T. japonicum Ashmend under laboratory conditions. The results showed that all four Trichogramma species could accept S. frugiperda eggs and complete development successfully,but significant differences in fitness parameters were found among them. The parasitism of T. dendrolimi,T. ostriniae and T. leucaniae was higher than 80% on S. frugiperda egg masses,while only T. dendrolimi females supplied with S. frugiperda eggs performed higher parasitic number of eggs among all the tested species. Moreover,no significant differences in emergence rate and progeny female proportion among T. dendrolimi,T. ostriniae and T. leucaniae,but T. dendrolimi developed significantly faster on S. frugiperda eggs compared to other three species. Generally,T. japonicum performed poorly on S. frugiperda eggs in all aspects. The present study provides useful primary data for the application of local Trichogramma species against S. frugiperda those will invade northeastern China in future. Note: the article in Chinese see attached file.

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