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If your question is directly related to fall armyworm (FAW) research, consider posting it to other users on the ‘Community Questions’ page.


Getting Started

To begin participating, you will need to create an account. This will allow you to post your own Research Notes, comment on notes from other registered users and to begin participating in community discussions.

To create an account, click the ‘Register’ button at the top-right of your screen. The information that you are asked to provide during the registration process increases your visibility within the portal and improve your opportunities for research collaboration with like-minded researchers. It will not be used for any other purposes. If you would like to know how your information is stored and used, please see the privacy policy.


Site Search

The portal includes a powerful site-wide search tool. The search can be accessed directly through the portal homepage or by following the link in the top right-hand corner of all pages.

Search for updates using keywords and refine the results using the filters to the right. Results can be filtered by post type, research category, region and other user-created tags.

There is a separate search on the Current Research page to allow users to find new publications and preprints on fall armyworm, derived from the CAB Abstracts database, which allows searching by keywords, authors, date, publication and location to find relevant studies.


Website Notifications

All Research Notes and Community Questions have a notifications button. Selecting this button by clicking the bell icon allows users to follow a post, receiving email updates when the post is updated or when new comments and responses are added. Notifications are automatically turned on for the creator of a post.

Notifications on

Notifications off

It is not currently possible to follow other users directly, but we are looking into implementing this. Please contact if you have any suggestions for features that would be of value to you and your work. 

Find A Collaborator

The Find A Collaborator option, reached through the ‘Collaborate’ link on the top menu, allows you to search researchers by keyword or name, and filter by location, area of research or role.

Posting Research Notes

Creating a Research Note within the portal has been designed to be flexible. Registered users are able to create a Research Note at any stage of a project, and are encouraged to edit their Research Notes as the research progresses to ensure that it contains accurate, up-to-date information.

The creator of a Research Note is the only user with permissions to edit it, but other registered users are only able to view and comment on it. These can be accessed from the Research Updates link on the top menu.

Adding more detailed information to your Research Notes, such as region, country, area of research and other related tags, will improve their visibility. Other users will be able to find them using the portal’s search and filtering functionalities, which will improve discussion and collaboration opportunities.

Project Data

The portal allows users to link to raw data stored in an external repository. When creating a Research Note, simply copy a link to the data into the field labelled ‘Link to a dataset’.

It is understood that many organisations and researchers have their own systems for storing and sharing data, so there are no restrictions as to where project data can be stored. However, if you do not have an existing data repository, we recommend using Zenodo ( to store and share your data. Zenodo allows users to login using existing GitHub or ORCID credentials, and provides simple step-by-step instructions for uploading data.

Community Questions

The research collaboration portal provides a quick and simple way to pose questions to the wider FAW research community. Simply click on the Collaborate link in the main menu, go to “Community Questions” and add a new post. To improve your chances of receiving useful responses, make sure that you include as much information as possible in your post, and tag it with relevant keywords.

It’s worth searching for your question via the site search to check whether it has been answered previously before creating a new discussion post as this will provide you an answer much faster.

Crowdsource Tables

The research collaboration portal also includes a powerful tool for compiling important research outputs in the form of Crowdsource Tables. These can be accessed from the Research Updates link on the top menu.

To add information to a Crowdsource Table, select the ‘Add/Edit Submissions’ button above the display table. This link will take you to a separate table for information submission. To add information to a Crowdsource Table, select the ‘Add/Edit Submissions’ button above the display table. This link will take you to a separate table for information submission. You will then be able to select ‘New entry’, which will open a dialogue box for completion. Fill in all relevant fields then select the ‘submit’ button, and repeat for any other submissions you would like to make. Your record(s) will then be submitted for approval, and will appear in the Crowdsource Table within a week.

For your information, the levels of FAW control included within the Crowdsource Tables for selection are:

·         High: Significant effect on FAW. No other control measures required.

·         Medium: Some effect on FAW but some other control measures required.

·         Low: Some visible effect on FAW but strong impact on yield without other control measures.

·         None: No visible effect on FAW.


If you would like to suggest any additional Crowdsource Tables for precise communication of research results, please contact


AgriRxiv (pronounced ‘agri-archive’) is a free, open access source of unpublished preprints across the agricultural sciences. It is hosted and managed by CABI (, an international, inter-governmental, not-for-profit organization that improves people’s lives worldwide by providing information and applying scientific expertise to solve problems in agriculture and the environment.

Users of the FAW Research Collaboration Portal are able to engage in discussions and collaborations throughout the research process. Where appropriate, users are encouraged to share preprints on agriRxiv to make their findings immediately available to their scientific colleagues.

Deleting your account

Please contact to request the deletion of an account. The ability to delete your own account through your website profile will be added in a future update.